OpusXenta makes booking process easier with 'byondcloud'

SOUTHLAKE, Texas (Dec. 1, 2020) — OpusXenta, an OGR Supply Partner, has recently launched byondcloud, the premier online marketplace for the deathcare industry. After its introduction in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, OpusXenta has now launched byondcloud in the United States.

“We designed byondcloud to give death care providers a secure, cloud-based platform for running their businesses more efficiently,” said OpusXenta CEO Tony Lorge. “Funeral directors can now increase the level of service they provide by making cemetery and crematoria bookings directly — online.”

byondcloud delivers a highly scalable, cloud-based platform that streamlines how funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematoria manage bookings, track endowment funds, collect payments, manage grounds and services requests, and connect with other service providers such as masons.

Notably, in response to heightened needs for managing crematory services in United Kingdom, byondcloud was selected as the platform for the UK’s National Cremation Booking and Availability Management Portal. The centralized byondcloud portal streamlines how funeral directors can make bookings and gives them the ability to make arrangements anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about byondcloud on OpusXenta’s website.

About OpusXenta

OpusXenta is a global technology company serving the death care profession and its suppliers, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and North America. Our cloud-based solutions enable companies in the death care profession to manage their operations more efficiently, adapt to a changing market environment, and build their digital presence.

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