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Each summer, we bring together industry leaders to discuss the latest developments and trends in the deathcare profession. Every episode is available wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, plus OGR’s Learning Library.

Digital Dialogue Series 2021: What's Your Edge?2021: What's Your Edge?

Independent funeral homes are always working to show how they are different than conglomerate competitors. Are you especially involved in your community? Do you have a specialized knowledge base, like issues specific to veteran funerals? Whatever the case may be, it can make a big difference to your business for you to take some time and determine what your "edge" is, and how you can leverage that to set yourself apart from the competition.

Previous Seasons

2020 DDS Shift Happens

2020: Shift Happens

The COVID-19 pandemic created a sudden shift in how funeral homes like yours serve families. Many traditional methods for hosting visitations and funerals were limited, but this limitation paved the way for innovation that could make us all better servants for our families moving forward. In response to this, OGR gathered some of the top thought leaders in the deathcare profession to offer concrete steps and new tools to help you lead your staff into this new future.