Building A Legacy: Empowering The Next Generation For A Stronger Future

Chris Miller, current president of Order of the Golden Rule (OGR) and owner of Thomas Miller Mortuary in Corona California, recognizes how important the next generation is to a stronger future.

In his first president's message, Miller speaks about his observations and experience of running a mortuary and crematory business. His father, Roger Miller, ran the operations of Thomas Miller Mortuary & Crematory before Chris. Chris's perspective as an employee helped him transition into a leader and eventual owner of Thomas Miller Mortuary & Crematory. Along the way, Chris noticed the way his father ran the family business. 

“When my dad ran the funeral home, I was stymied in my ability to implement any changes," Miller said. "He controlled what we ordered, where we ordered it from, what we paid for every casket and urn, and all the other supplies we used. His philosophy was simply that he was in charge, and he did not easily trust others to interfere with how he felt the funeral home should operate.”

After his father’s passing, Chris took over operations and implemented a new ideology to further the growth and development of Thomas Miller Mortuary & Crematory. One of his key strategies was to cultivate a culture of collaboration and innovation among the staff. Recognizing that diverse perspectives often yield the most effective solutions, he encouraged team members to actively participate in the decision-making process, particularly when it came to purchasing choices.

Furthermore, Chris recognized the significance of offering a diverse range of products and services. By diversifying the company's offerings, he aimed to ensure that each client's experience was unique and tailored to their individual preferences and needs. By taking these actions and being adaptable to today's world, Chris was able to empower the next generation for a stronger future.

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