Conquering the Conversation: Price Shopping Services

altAnalysis of you and your competitors

How confident are you that every staff member who answers the phone at your funeral home is able to connect with callers? What about your competitors? How do they answer price shopping calls? Stop guessing -- let OGR do the work for you.

This service is designed to measure your staff’s current abilities, determine your competitors’ abilities, and provide staff training - either virtual or on-site - to reduce the loss of business to competitors.

This is a FREE benefit available exclusively to OGR members. Contact Member Resources Director Nancy Weil for details or click the options below to learn more.

Included with OGR membership: PHONE SHOPPING ANALYSIS
Additional Options

Basic Phone Shopping Analysis (included with OGR Membership)
Not ready for in-depth analysis? The following are included free with membership:

✓ Choice of one phone call to member firm -OR- one email inquiry to member firm
✓ Summary of responses


✓ Choice of one phone call to competitor firm -OR- one email inquiry to competitor firm
✓ Summary of responses

Contact OGR at (800) 637-8030, ext. 304 or email [email protected] to get started.


OGR will call up to three competitors on three different occasions posing as parties interested in knowing the cost of a cremation or burial (your choice). The script customized for your interests will generate an analysis of how competitors’ staff members responded to these calls, and how you can use this information to differentiate your funeral home during an inquiry call. The analysis will also include responses via email.

✓ Three phone calls and three e-mails divided among three competitor funeral homes of your choice
✓ Choice of burial or cremation inquiries
✓ Written analysis of competitors’ responses
✓ Recommendations for how to use the information to distinguish your funeral home from others during an inquiry
✓ Telephone consultation with OGR’s business development expert

Contact OGR at (800) 637-8030 or email [email protected] to get started.



Your staff is your funeral home’s representative no matter where they are or who they are talking to. Answering the phone, working a visitation or funeral, even at the grocery store! Make sure your entire staff knows how to tell the complete story of what your funeral home offers and how it is different from all the others in your community.

This training is based on actual transcripts from price shopping calls and is highly interactive. Your entire staff will be led through a series of exercises that will allow them to become comfortable speaking about their funeral home. They will walk away with an understanding of what the consumer may have already heard (both the very good and the truly terrible). Make sure when a consumer contacts your funeral home, that you have what it takes to conquer that conversation and convert that inquiry into a customer.

Staff Training includes:
✓ Consultation with OGR’s business development expert to discuss training objectives 
✓ Tailored staff training curriculum
✓ Onsite facilitation of a half-day training program; virtual option available

On-Site Training: $1,499 plus travel expenses 
Virtual Training: $499

Contact OGR at (800) 637-8030, ext. 304 or email [email protected] to get started.