Charles Castiglia: Remember your passion

Of all our guests this season, Charles Castiglia may have had the most varied list of "edges" that he's worked to develop over the years, from veterans and their families, to crafting stories, and even founding an entire business to negotiate better credit card service charges for not just his own funeral home, but others as well.

Charles Castiglia, Lakeside Memorial Funeral HomeIn the end, though, he says the thing that has helped him stand out the most from his competitors - even those that offer the same slate of services - is remembering why he does what he does, and keeping them at the forefront of every decision.

“You have to believe that what you’re doing is there to help those families. If you believe in it and you’re doing it because it’s coming from your heart, then they will recognize that and that will give you the edge that nobody else will have," he says.

Use the player below to listen to Charles's episode of OGR's "What's Your Edge?" podcast for some detailed ideas you can implement at your own funeral home. You can also listen on your phone, which is easier than ever as we're now available on most major podcast streaming platforms. Take your pick from whichever is most convenient for you:

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