alt  Executive Director & CEO

  Mark Allen, CAE 512-334-5504 ext. 102  

  "I love challenging staff to come up with new ways to meet 
  members’ needs."

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alt  Assistant Executive Director

  Jessica (Smith) Riddlesperger, CMP 512-334-5504 ext. 110 

  "I like finding opportunities to help our members be the best they
  can be." 

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  Member Resources Director

  Nancy Weil, 512-334-5504 ext. 103

  "I am excited about supporting funeral directors with the work they do."

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alt  Communications Director

  Scott F. McClure, 512-334-5504 ext. 109,  

  "I find it rewarding to work with a membership that truly believes in
  and conducts business by OGR Standards of Ethical Conduct."

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alt  Accounting Director

  Michael Ryan, 512-334-5504 ext. 116 

  "I enjoy contributing to the organization and interpreting information,
  perhaps providing an occasional insight." 

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alt  Family Contact Program Manager

  Denise Rodriguez, 512-334-5504 ext. 111   

  "I enjoy reading feedback from families about our members. I am
  constantly impressed by the compassion and thoughtfulness that our
  members display towards others during this sensitive time."

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alt  Member Concierge (Products & Services)

  Maureen Hayes, 512-334-5504 ext. 104

  "It's interesting to learn about new things out there in the market for
  funerals. I learn something new every day about the funeral service

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