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This powerful network of suppliers allows OGR member firms the opportunity to explore a wide assortment of products and services needed to operate their business. It has over 50 leading companies/manufacturers delivering special discounts and pricing on the products and services you use most.

Review the directory of suppliers first to see if the product or service you need is available through GSG. Each supplier is helping support your association! Please use these fine GSG suppliers whenever possible.

GSG suppliers are OGR members and part of the association - and part of the OGR family. Become acquainted with them and take advantage of the variety of opportunities they provide to help you achieve profitability in your business.

Note: When contacting a supplier directly, remember to identify yourself as an OGR member.

Member Testimonials:


Golden Rule ® 401(k) plan
By Access Financial Group

"The Golden Rule 401k makes for a better package to not only attract new full time staff, but keep the ones I have. It shows I care for them and an appreciation for what they do for me. It’s a way to give back, just like we do for our families. It’s easy to use, the reports come out regularly, and deposits are made for staff like clock-work."
Kevin Opshal, Owner of Opsahl-Kostel Funeral Home & Crematory

"Chris showed us how to make the plan work for all the employees and the firm, the program has been successful from the start. He came in with a whole different process. He spent time at the firm, interacted with staff, presented us with investments options and walked us through the selection process. Just their interaction made the difference."
Jeff Wages, Owner of Wages & Sons Funeral Home

“The decision to switch to the Golden Rule 401(k) plan has been a good one for the firm and the employees. Switching our plan saved our business money and has been good for everyone at the firm.”
Cliff Greene, Retired Owner - McIntire, Bradham & Sleek Funeral Home, Wooster OH

Endorsed Suppliersalt

Selected to match your needs for profitability!

In addition to the generous pricing discounts offered by GSG suppliers, members will receive exclusive member-only benefits with OGR’s Endorsed Supplier Program. Endorsed suppliers must meet exact requirements and complete an in-depth review process before an endorsement is granted by the OGR Board. The products awarded an endorsement are identified with the OGR Endorsed Supplier logo. OGR endorses the listed products but not all products offered by the company.

OGR endorsed products/services seek to position your firm most competitively in your marketplace and enhance the profitability of your business. How much can we save you?






Golden Rule® of Carealt

The OGR Golden Rule® of Care series is a completely revised and updated set of booklets and pamphlets written in clear, straightforward language with sensitivity and compassion to answer most questions and concerns families will have when confronting the death of a loved one. The series, organized into three sets - Pre-need, At-need and Aftercare - features individual booklets and pamphlets with each focused on a specific aspect of death care.

The booklets are uniquely branded for maximum appeal, they include the Golden Rule logo, and they will make an attractive addition to any lobby, reception area, conference room, and on and on. Booklets and pamphlets can be imprinted to include your funeral home’s logo and contact information which also affords the perfect take-away pieces to help meet your marketing needs throughout the community.