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Annual Membership is from July 1st to June 30th of each year.  Dues will be prorated based on remaining full months until July 1st.

Main Firm Membership

OGR dues are a tiered structure based on case counts. All funeral homes owned by the same funeral director are included in the case count and will be considered to be member funeral homes.

Size Dues Quarterly Monthly
Under 100 $1,404.00 $351.00 $117.00
101-200 $1,764.00 $441.00 $147.00
201-400 $2,232.00 $558.00 $186.00
401-600 $2,952.00 $738.00 $264.00
Over 600 $3,516.00 $879.00 $293.00


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International Membership

Funeral homes located outside of the United States and Canada are invited to join. After all, you make us international!

Dues: $350

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Retiree Membership

Any person who is a retired employee of a current or former member firm and is no longer actively participating in the funeral profession but would like to keep up with the times.

Dues: $150

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Educator Membership

Open to educators, researchers, and academics engaged in the study, but not the practice, of mortuary science.

Dues: $50

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Contact the Membership Department at 800-637-8030, or email us at [email protected].

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